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Long Weekends in 2016

This post is written by Sheetal A. Palav, Content Manager.

You know exactly how 2016 is going to pan out when it begins with a long weekend. Can the start to something new get any better? Just like 2015, 2016 is pretty generous when it comes to long and extended weekends. So if you are looking to travel within the country or take a short trip abroad, 2016 is not going to let you down! To be honest, nothing beats the 9 – day long Diwali we had this year, but frequent extended weekends make up for that in 2016. Now take a look at the long weekend list we have created, along with a list of excuses 😉


1, Friday – New Year
2, Saturday
3, Sunday

23, Saturday
24, Sunday
25, Monday – Start feeling patriotic in advance or… just call in sick 😉
26, Tuesday – Republic Day


Looking for a long weekend here too? COME ON, the month gets over even before it begins. But, if you’d like to know Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday! 😀


5, Saturday
6, Sunday
7, Monday – Mahashivratri

24, Thursday – Holi
25, Friday – Good Friday
26, Saturday
27, Sunday – Easter


8, Friday – Gudi Padwa, Ugadi
9, Saturday
10, Sunday

14, Thursday – Dr. Ambedkar Jayanti
15, Friday – Ram Navami
16, Saturday
17, Sunday

May, June & July

Sorry, we got nothing here. We know it’s quite a dry patch, but we promise there are more holidays in the upcoming months! See for yourself.


13, Saturday
14, Sunday
15, Monday – Independence Day
16, Tuesday – You can fall sick today!
17, Wednesday – Parsi New Year

25, Thursday – Janmashtami
26, Friday – Because you know, you broke your back while forming the human pyramid 😉
27, Saturday
28, Sunday


3, Saturday
4, Sunday
5, Monday – Ganesh Chaturthi

10, Saturday
11, Sunday
12, Monday – Bakri Eid


8, Saturday
9, Sunday
10, Monday – Who goes to the office on a Monday? 😛
11, Tuesday – Dussehra
12, Monday – Muharram/Durga Puja

28, Friday – Dhanteras
29, Saturday
30, Sunday – Laxmi Puja
31, Monday – Skip another day
1 (November), Tuesday – Bhai Dooj


12, Saturday
13, Sunday
14, Monday – Guru Nanak Jayanti


10, Saturday
11, Sunday
12, Monday – You have barely taken any leave in this year
13, Tuesday – Eid – e – Milad

14 long weekends is not bad at all, as long as you are making absolute optimum use of it.

Make sure you read this post secretly and not let your HR know what’s cooking in your mind. Also, your assistant is just a message away, in case you need assistance with tickets/hotel bookings. Still don’t have an assistant? Download it here! 🙂


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