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Launching ‘The Baap’ Bot on Haptik

Think about it, how hilarious would it be if we had an assistant chatbot wired up like a stereotypical Indian Dad. Sounds fun right? We thought so too. 2016 so far has seen a literal uprising in the world of Chat Bots. They are fast becoming the talk of the tech town; and it was about time we showed off our AI capabilities. [evil smirk]

At Haptik, we’ve always strived to bridge the gap between artificial intelligence & human assistance; and over the last two years have built a very sophisticated chat-bot that acts as an underlying layer of assistance to our actual real army of 300+ assistants. Over 30% off our tasks/chats today are completed by the bot, and we can’t be excited enough about everything ahead.

So while the world is talking about Chat Bots, we decided to leverage that excitement in the space and direct it towards creating something that can potentially blow your minds & ours too. We didn’t want to be all work, and no play though so we got our heads together and created The Baap.

baap (1)

It’s Father’s Day on the 19th of June, and as a tribute to Indian Dads all across the globe we created ‘The Baap: Essentially A Bot Wired Up Like every neighbourhood Papa’. Most Indian Dads (if not all) are known for their sarcastic, witty and punny comebacks. You could be the world’s best lawyer, but there is just one man who wins in his courtroom. He can be hilarious, insightful and everything in between at the same time. Not to mention, all of us have grown up listening to the weirdly appealing mix of gyan, minor threats, major concerns and hilarious rants.

So we bottled up every Indian Dad that ever lived and turned him into an assistant of sorts. Just imagine what daddy dearest would say if you asked him to “Repair the A/C” or “Wake You Up Every Morning”? But well, you don’t have to imagine anymore, do you?


This Father’s Day we unleash the magic of The Baap. Ask him anything, I mean anything and it will take you back in time to when you were still growing up; and bossing you around was just a part of his job description.

All you need to do is, click on this link: and speak to the coolest chatbot that every graced our country.

But, listen up!
We’ll love to be a part of all your cool conversations; so please show us what he told you. Tweet to us @hellohaptik or tag us on Instagram with the same handle. You can also tag us on your facebook posts! We are waiting and we hope you have as much fun with him, as we did while creating this for you!

Disclaimer: The Baap Bot means no offence whatsoever (like Daddy could ever offend you anyway ;)) and will just be live until midnight, 20th June. But over the next three days we have tons of exciting updates and things going on in the channel everyday. So stay tuned! And keep getting things done with your Haptik Assistant 🙂

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  1. How to download “the baap” app, I have been searching in play store but cannot find any app in that name..

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