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Haptik 3.0: Introducing Tasks

A few days ago we announced the coming of Haptik 3.0 which is entirely going to change the way you get things done. It’s simpler, it’s greater and it’s reinventing your personal assistant on chat. Building up to the release, we are going to present to you one key feature/update everyday that redefines what we are building, that puts us ahead of the game! 

Tasks are a natural extension of our learnings at Haptik. Over the last one year, we’ve collected data and learnt that users are not happy with just information. They literally want someone to get things done for them. They think of Haptik when they have a task in mind and want their assistant to take care of it.

We’ve seen users awestruck when they experience Haptik for the first time. Being able to chat with an actual human and complete tasks end-to-end brings the glitter to their eyes, but most importantly gets some weight off their minds.

Tasks, as a feature was born after a melange of learnings in user behavior. We compiled our data and realized that 80% of the people have the same 20% of things that they want to get done. Like “Buy a Mobile Phone” or “Order food for home delivery”. So we thought, if we know the most probable tasks that people want to get done, why are they typing it out again and again. They should be able to tap, tap, done. We’ve all heard about the beauty in 3 tap apps. Well, we’re your 2 tap, assistant.

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Try it out, and you will be surprised. It’s an addiction, you wont look at messaging the same after this one. 

Haptik 3.0 is gearing up for release in the coming week and we are pretty excited. Everyday we are going to be unveiling one key feature/update that changes everything, for everybody. Keep watching this space!

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