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Introducing Reminders on Haptik!

This post is written by Sheetal A. Palav, Content Manager at Haptik.

“My memory, is my most potent enemy” – If you’ve said this to yourself, now we got your back! 

All of us share the very needy ‘I will never leave you’ relationship with our beds. Especially if it’s a Monday morning, that’s the real enemy we have to battle with. If hitting the snooze button like a million times is the only way you wake up when sunshine comes around, then what would you think of a service that introduces a human voice to your life?

Thinking Scarlett Johansson? Well, we get close enough ;)

We are very excited to roll out the latest channel on Haptik, introducing Reminders & Wake Up Calls. Now besides everything else that we do as your Personal Assistant, Haptik will also wake you up at your desired time, remind you of your upcoming tasks, appointments and/or any other commitments. 

At Haptik, we are constantly looking at ways to simplify your everyday life. That pretty much sums our reason to exist. So as we got more engrossed in to facilitating that, we realized a Reminders Channel was a native feature to add! We also realised that a call from an unknown number tends to get your brain into action faster than a regular alarm clock and add to that a beautiful voice at the other end, BOOM! You’re wide awake! No more snooze, sleepyhead.

This made a lot of sense for us to do. Now also imagine, wouldn’t it be a lot harder to tell your assistant why you didn’t pick-up the laundry or skipped the gym as opposed to simply shutting off a ringing alarm? Because, you know, you can set follow-up’s too.

Did you ever think that downloading one app, could pretty much take care of all your needs? All you have to do is go to the Reminders channel on Haptik, set the alarm/task at your desired date and time, and the rest is our responsibility. Now You, Can Forget 😉

If you haven’t already, Download your personal assistant on chat for both Android & iOS, free of cost.

2 thoughts on “Introducing Reminders on Haptik!”

  1. Haptik you are the best Utility App!
    And i must say, this article is very well written.. All the best Guys!
    And i will make sure, to set a reminder…

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