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Introducing: Reminder To Drink Water

Sometimes the littlest of things have the biggest impact. Drinking the right amount of water, is exactly one of those things. Think about it, would you, EVER think of setting a reminder to drink? That’s elementary, my Dear Watson! Why on earth would you need a reminder to do something so basic?

Well, turns out, it isn’t as basic. Think about it, exactly how long has it been to your last glass of water? Because, the only time you need to be drinking water isn’t when you’re parched or right after a meal. Sometimes, in this scorching Indian Summer you just need to keep yourself hydrated with constant intake.

Studies suggest that a simple 1% increase in consumption of water can reduce your total calorie intake, as well as the consumption of saturated fat, sugar, sodium & cholesterol. Read an excerpt from the study here.

As humans, without knowing it, we are always on the brink of dehydration and a good 2 liters of water a day has known to increase energy levels, brain functions and just overall mood & concentration.

Interestingly, it’s said the right kind of water consumption also helps in weight loss, and everybody who’s on a diet should consider having a glass of water about 30 minutes before each meal as that’s known to boost metabolism & increase energy expenditure. Here are some more interesting findings & health advantages of drinking water.

When we at Haptik got around to discussing what a basic glass of water could do for us, it started as an “internal thing.” We joked, we should probably set ‘a reminder to drink water’ on the app. As we discussed it some more, we realised we were on to something rather interesting. There was a real need, we weren’t the only ones not drinking enough water! So why, probably?


Thus, starting yesterday, you can now ask your assistant to remind you to drink water every couple of hours. Take your pick, we’d either send you a notification or go as far as calling you. As always, just tell us and we got your back. Click here to jump right into the app, and set a reminder 🙂

On that note


How much water should you drink in a day? If you’re one of those perfectionists who need to know the exact amount of water your body needs. Check out this Hydration Calculator which will determine your ideal level of hydration. You can then set reminders, and plan your intake accordingly.

You’re Welcome 😉

P.S: We’ve set exactly 237,810 of these reminders in less than 12 hours of making the service live. Say, what?

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