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Introducing Device Help

Today we are very excited to officially launch the first app from the Haptik umbrella – Device Help. We just pushed it live on the iOS App Store a few hours ago:

We will have an Android version on Google Play within the next 48 hours. All of this so you can survive Thanksgiving tech support, and instead focus only on that Turkey.


What is Device Help?

It is an app to chat with device experts for tech support, tips, tricks, and anything else to get help with your smartphones, tablets, computers and consoles. Think of it like Haptik, but only for electronics companies.

Why only electronics?

One of the things we learnt as part of our private beta is that we cannot support everything from Day 1. We need to focus on a certain vertical, become great at that, and carry on from there. Tech support is a big need, and we wanted to launch it in the holiday season given the increased demand during this time.

What about Haptik?

Not much changes. We have a vision that ultimately all customer support will happen over mobile messaging and Haptik is the platform that will make it happen. Device Help is a precursor to what Haptik will ultimately become.

Who am I talking to? Who are these experts?

You are talking to Device Help “experts”, people who have worked with various electronics companies before or have used their products extensively to know what they are saying. Some of them are directly employed by us, while others work as volunteers because they want to help and share their knowledge. You are not directly talking to these companies, but instead people who know them inside out.

How is all of this totally free?

Device Help and all related services are completely free, and we don’t have any plans to charge users for what exists today. Our business model down the line is through some form of advertising, and by helping companies directly connect with their users.

Availability Details

The app is currently available only in the US and India. We will add support for more markets over the next few weeks.

The last few months have been an amazing ride going through the ups and downs of getting a company off the ground, and we’d like to thank everyone who has helped along the way. We are really excited for people to start using Device Help, and please help us by 1) rating it in the App Store, and 2) spreading the word so others’ lives can be made easier too!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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