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How To Spend A Long Weekend In Your Own City

A much awaited long weekend is around the corner and everyone on your Facebook feed or Twitter timeline is posting about their long overdue trip to some place beachy or are ecstatic planning a BIG party in their (far away from the big city noise) farmhouse or are hastily curating a bucket-list of things they want to accomplish over the weekend.

The gung ho is hitting the roof and then there is you.

You is tired, you wants to put your feet up and you does not want to be a part of either chaotic airports or uncomfortable buses. You want to instead catch up on movies, work on a DIY project or just go on a food trail in your own city or living room (courtesy your Personal Assistant *;)*).

And let us tell you, you’re not the only one on this boat.
We are in too.

As Your Personal Assistant, just for you, we put together a list of 5 things you can do to spend an ideal long weekend in your own city.

Indulge in a Spa treatment


We know that. But when you emerge out of the spa looking like a million dollars, you will know a little me-time is completely worth it.

Find the best spa around you by asking your Haptik Wellness Assistant here. You might end up finding great discounts & offers on them. #JustSaying

Binge watch movies

Thanks to your work schedule and late nights on Fridays, you have ended up missing the latest movies you see your friends leave a review about on their Facebook pages. Heck, you haven’t even watched the movie Leo won an Oscar for.

Well, there has never been a better time to get on top of it and channel your inner movie-buff.

To book movie tickets and get reviews/recommendations on the latest movies at the tap of a button, message your Haptik Movie assistant.

Explore restaurants in your city

Pick a new spot or an unusual cuisine and set out on a food trail. You could sample dishes from various restaurants, treat yourself to a south-indian breakfast or just catch up with your friend at the nearest cafe – the list is endless.

Your personal assistant aka Haptik will find the nearest restaurant for you and even help you find spots that serve your preferred cuisine. We recently also partnered with WowTables to bring you exotic dining experiences around you. There is so much to binge on, but, wait, you don’t want to step out?

We have you sorted there, as well.

Message your Food assistant on Haptik and ask them to send you a home delivery, instead. You can also message your assistant for recommendations, offers & everything else around you.

Favourite dish from your favourite restaurant?
We approve.


Go Shopping

The spring collection for most brands are out and must we say, all of it looks FABULOUS.

Wait, who said you have to get out of bed and dress up to go shopping?
Not at all.

You can very well stay in bed, have your feet up and browse through the deal of the day by simply messaging your Haptik Assistant on the Shopping Channel. It’s that simple, really.


Work on a DIY Project

Remember how you always wanted to turn those wine bottles into beautiful lamps; or paint that antique table you have lying around? The long weekend is the perfect time to start the project. Dig up old pins on Pinterest, get all the materials you need and get started.

Wondering how Haptik can help with this?

Well, if you want to give full attention to your DIY project, but still feel the need to switch on your TV/Laptop to keep track of the matches and scores of the ongoing T20 World Cup, ahem…, like always we have you covered.

Just tell your Haptik Assistant you want to be updated with scores, stats and schedules from time to time and he/she will will keep you posted. One look at your phone screen and there are you are. Abreast with what’s happening both on and off the field.

Basically, this is your assistant:


All in all, whether you’re travelling or staying at home, we hope you have a fantastic long weekend *WITH US*!

Download Haptik for your Android or iOS device and #GetThingsDone for yourselfhaptik


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