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Simplified Insurance Claim Settlement For Jammu & Kashmir Flood Victims

The recent Jammu & Kashmir floods have been one of the worst natural disasters of our times, affecting thousands of lives and in the process turning the state into shambles. This a time Insurance companies truly come to the fore and prove their worth. However, settling your insurance claims can turn out to be a confusing and painful process.

In this week’s Help series, we go over the entire claim settlement process right from filing to tracking to eventually receiving your dues.

In view of all this, the Insurance Regulatory Authority of India (IRDA) had asked life insurers to take immediate steps for expeditious settlement of claims on September 15.

Following this, all the major life insurance providers have come up with a simplified claim settlement process for the people of Jammu & Kashmir. Some of the companies like LIC India have set up temporary offices in J&K just for filing claims and processing them as soon as possible, while others have made online provisions and are escalating the processes to get the funds to claimants soon.


The process and documents to be provided is the same across all insurance companies:

  1. Copy of death certificate / proof issued by Local Municipal Corporation or Hospital. If this is not available, list issued by police or armed forces.
  2. Written intimation from the person filing the claim(claimant).
  3. Copy of Claimant’s photo identification proof & current address proof.
  4. For some of the companies you need to fill out the claim form provided on their website, for which you can find the direct link here.

There are multiple ways to initiate your claims. You can use one of the following-

1. Online: Some of the insurance providers have made arrangements to initiate the process online. You can go to the following links depending on the insurance provider to start the process or download the forms to be sent to them,

2. Branch: Some of the above don’t have the option to initiate the claims process online. For them and for the ones already having an online option you can also locate the nearest branches to you and submit the documents over there to initiate the claim.

3. Courier: Depending on the company, the claim initiation process can also be started by sending the filled out form and the documents to the respective address of the company.

In case you want to know the nearest branch, or the address to courier depending on your insurance company, just ask Haptik.

Haptik also enables you to track the claim status. Just let the experts know your policy number, claim number and they will help you out.

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