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Help 102: “I don’t get network on my phone”

More than 3 months into Haptik, our experts have now handled >200,000 messages for 170 companies across 12 categories. Out of all this, one of the most common queries we are faced with is “I am not getting network on my phone, please help me.” There is nothing more annoying than dropped calls, failed calls, missed calls, basically no calls. Given the network congestion in India and lack of rapid infrastructure development, this problem is not going away anytime soon. So, here below are a few things you may want to try next time the bars drop below 2.


1. Turn Airplane Mode On/Off

The classic network sucker strategy. When you turn airplane mode on, the phone turns of all connectivity to cellular and WiFi networks. Turning it back on after about 30-60 seconds means it starts looking for networks again from scratch, which means it could potentially find you signal from a fresh tower or opened up space. This is a tried and tested strategy across many Haptik users and highly encouraged.

2. Select the Network “Manually”

The default setting on phones is to select the cellular network automatically based on the SIM card and closest available cell tower. However, you can also choose a particular operator’s network manually. Just go to phone settings, and select “Manual” for network selection, and choose your particular network. This kick starts the network selection process and can help you connect to a fresh cell tower.

3. Check if area specific only

If you are having network problems consistently only in one particular area, while everywhere else is fine, then it may be an issue isolated to that area only. This can be due to lack of cell towers or excess congestion in the vicinity. To check if that’s the case, just ask friends/neighbors in that area if they are facing the same issue with the same operator. If yes, then unfortunately there is not much that can be done. You can submit a complaint to the operator along with a list of all phone numbers not getting any reception, and the operator will expedite your request for a booster or cell tower.

If your friends are getting reception and the operator is different, then you may want to consider switching operators. If your friends are getting reception and the operator is same, then it may be a deeper issue with your SIM card or device.

4. Reload your SIM Card

If the issue is not area specific and is related to your device only, try removing the SIM and after waiting for a few minutes, reloading it. This, similar to airplane mode, cleans up the system and starts looking for cell reception afresh.

5. Try another Device

To isolate the issue to your device, load the SIM in another device and see what happens. If it works, then you know its an issue with your device. If not, then it may be an issue with the SIM card.

6. Replace your SIM Card

If you are the only one that is facing the issue in your area, and the same behavior is seen on multiple devices, then this is probably a problem with your SIM card. It is highly discouraged to use “cut” SIM cards, as they tend to get faulty soon. Please get the right size SIM card directly from your operator instead of cutting it.

To get a new SIM card, you will have to go to the operator’s store with ID and documentation, and buy one.

7. Check

There is a really cool website that allows you to check reported outages for all major service providers on a map across the country. A yellow or red circle indicates there has been a recent outage in that particular area, which may be causing the problem.

At the end of the day, there is only so much you can do. If the networks just don’t exist, your best option is to pray to the cell tower Gods for quicker infrastructure changes.

Or you can always just keep bugging the Haptik experts, they are always here to help you out no matter what 🙂

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