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Hello. We Are Haptik.

After more than a year of ideation, prototyping, iterating and prototyping again, we are excited to officially announce our new company, Haptik. We have been full time on the venture since August, and the product will soon be in private beta on both iOS and Android. Besides the two of us, there is Harish, who has been instrumental in shaping the product over the last year, and now helps with design and marketing. Miten has been a friend and adviser all along, helping think through various aspects of the business. Raveesh joined us recently as our in house specialist on Android, and interaction design in general. And then we have a couple of amazing interns helping with a little bit of everything.

So what is Haptik? It’s actually quite a simple idea.

Haptik is a smartphone application that allows users to chat with companies and their experts over messaging.

You download the app, pick a company from the preloaded list, and send a message. Company representatives or Haptik agents will receive the message, and send a response. Conversation continues.

Welcome to the future.

What does this mean for you, the user?

●     No more calling and waiting on the phone for an agent

●     No more calling and talking to an agent

●     No more searching through websites, FAQs, social media, forums

Why are we doing this?

We hate calling companies. We hate dealing with support agents who can barely comprehend, forget resolve. Its 2013, over 2 decades of using the Internet, but still a pain to find what would seem trivial information on companies and services. In a recent infographic published by Shankman Honig, a customer service consultancy based in New York, only 8% of customers believe they experience “superior” service from companies. The same report said that 73% of support today continues to remain voice even with the proliferation of online chat and social media. In a survey we did while researching this area, 95% respondents came back saying they “hate” calling companies and businesses.

On the flip side, messaging is the #1 category of smartphone apps by usage today, even more than calling. Because texting is asynchronous, recorded, and so much more fun. You send a text, and go on doing whatever else you were doing until you get a response – that really makes it so much more convenient.

So, it just seemed like a natural fit for a service like Haptik to exist. We believe it is the right opportunity for us, given our combined skill set across mobile product, analytics, user acquisition, customer service and CRM development.

We look forward to sharing more as we come along. In the mean time, for a chance to get early access to the app, sign up here or let one of us know and we’ll add you to the list. We only have a limited number of spots for the beta, but will try and get it to as many of you as we can.

Thanks for your support so far, and watch this space for more.

Aakrit & Swapan

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