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#HelloHaptik – The Story of Your Favourite Personal Assistant

As you may know by now, we have a BIG relaunch coming up this week. In fact, we now have a date: December 7. Before that, we thought it was apt to stop for a second and look back at everything that bought us to this point. Our journey as an Indian Startup has been really exciting, and here is the Haptik story.

Haptik was born out of a personal need when we realized we were using text communication more than any other application on our phones, what search was to the internet, is what chat is to mobile; and our bet is that the world will move to a more integrated way of getting things done instead of using multiple apps/platforms for every micro task. We asked a few friends and advisers, and they agreed. We asked some more, and they agreed too.

And hence began the story of #HelloHaptik.

Starting off in 2014 as the world’s first chat based service platform, we’ve grown over the years into the full fledged personal assistant you all love today. We are the helm of launching our biggest update so far, which has been a journey spanning most part of 2016. Haptik 5.0 is going to be the culmination of everything we’ve believed in and while we’ve gone through our share of ups and downs to reach this point, we stand before you as the assistant you can rely on to make everyday life easier for you. The below graphic shows the path we’ve taken and the adulation we’ve received from you over the years!


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  1. This is the first Application which i love a lot and it make the life easy with all its services. Quick response. Reminders are fabulous, fantastic. ultimately good. kudos to Haptik team.

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