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Plan Your Surprise with Haptik, this Rakshabandhan

This post is written by Sheetal A. Palav, Content Manager at Haptik. 

In the hoards of festivals that we celebrate as a country, Rakshabandhan has to be the cutest of them all. A festival that celebrates the love & the bond of siblings. To most, this is quite the special occasion and every special one comes with the struggle of finding the perfect gift. How about, this year we help you find a suitable gift while you continue being the troublesome kin that you are?

Rakshabandhan is that one day when you keep all your fights aside and make your significant sibling feel special. No matter how much you annoy each other, he/she have got your back at the end of the day. And we at Haptik, we have got your back too – the headache of finding you the perfect gift, that’s on us 🙂

Haptik is your personal assistant to get things done on chat, and as your assistant or second lifeline (like some might say), we love jumping in and playing perfectionist. Our assistants are always ready to help you find the ideal gift. All you need to do is drop us a message and we will guide you through everything – right from understanding the tastes of your sibling, to finding the perfect gift at the best price and getting it delivered at his/her doorstep.


Let us plan this surprise together. Download Haptik, tap on the Shopping channel, and tell our assistant your budget along with other requirements for the gift. The rest of it is our worry, and we’ll find you something spectacular while you continue troubling them over the TV Remote. We bring all your needs under one roof at Haptik. Trust us, your surprise is safe with us! 😉

Click here to download the app, and change the way you & the world are around you get things done.

P.S: Recommending your sibling to download Haptik might just be the BEST GIFT EVER! Come on, be a life saver 😉

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