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Haptik Integrates Android App With Smart Watches Like Moto 360, Samsung Gear S, LG G Watch R

This post has been written by Raveesh Bhalla (@raveeshbhalla), Product Manager on Haptik. Raveesh recently got made a Google Developer Expert (GDE) for UX/Design. He is only the 6th person in India to become a GDE, and 3rd overall globally for UX/Design. 

Ever since Google announced Android Wear in March of this year, I had been imagining how Haptik should work on the platform. As a big proponent of wearables (I have been using a MotoActv for two years) Android Wear was exciting, and I couldn’t wait to get started.

I was at Google’s developer conference in June where they presented all attendees with a smartwatch. In the two odd months since, I have been wearing my LG G Watch every waking moment. And, in many ways, it has made my life much simpler. Any time I had my hands full, or felt too lazy to take my phone out of my pocket, I could just move my wrist a little closer to me and say “OK Google” and get a few tasks done, like taking notes, calling or texting someone, getting directions, etc.

The way Google has developed Android Wear meant that Haptik was already integrated with Android Wear since Day 1: any message that you received on your phone was automatically shown on your watch, too. However, it’s the interaction afterwards that I wanted to make as convenient as possible. And having used our beta app for some time now, I am quite proud to say we’ve solved this problem really well.

As far as I know, Haptik is possibly the first ever Android messaging app anywhere in the world to now have the ability to click on links/actions within notifications on a smart watch. 

By now, the version 1.2 update should be rolling out to all of you, and our Android Wear integration is the key feature. If you’re on the move, you’ll now be able to reply to any message you received using your voice. That, however, was the easy part thanks to how easy Google has made it for us developers to be able to do that.

The Android Wear integration that I really want to talk about is our Smart Actions integration. Smart Actions are the buttons that we often attach to our messages which make several tasks easier to do. We’re bringing two key Smart Actions to your watch: the call and the SMS Smart Action.

What this means is that if we ever recommend you to call a particular number in one of our responses, you wouldn’t have to take out your phone and make the call: you could simply swipe and click on the call smart action attached to the message on your watch. This is particularly useful when you’ve got your headset on, or are driving.

The SMS smart action works largely in the same manner. If we ever suggest you type send a text to a particular number, just swipe and click on the action, and the app will send the SMS for you. The video below shows how this Smart Action works.

As an added bonus, we’re also bringing these two Smart Actions to your notification tray of your phone. Next time we send either of the two to you, you wouldn’t have to open the app either, and can perform those actions directly from the notification itself.

We are really excited with our work here, and will be adding more Smart Actions over a period of time that would work well on your Android Wear devices. So if you’re planning to buy either the Moto 360 (which launches tomorrow), Samsung Gear S, or LG G Watch R, do give us your feedback!