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Goodbye, Gingerbread

This post has been written by Raveesh Bhalla, Product Manager – Mobile at Haptik.

Almost exactly four years ago, I got my hands on my first Android device ever. It was the T-Mobile myTouch 4G, a gorgeous little device built by HTC. I had spent a significant amount of the savings I had collected as a student to buy it, yet almost immediately I got down to rooting it and putting CyanogenMod 7 on it, knowing fully well I was going to be losing my warranty.

CyanogenMod 7, for those of you who don’t know about it, is a custom Android ROM with that particular version built on top of Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Android rapidly progressed after that, with Ice Cream Sandwich bringing a huge visual and API overhaul a year later. Yet Android 2.3 stuck around for a long time, with the community putting in a significant amount of effort to make several ICS+ APIs backwards compatible through projects like ActionBarSherlock, AppCompat, NineOldAndroids, etc.

Unfortunately, the time to let go has finally arrived. Less than 10% of the Android devices currently run Android 2.3 or lower, with under 2% of Haptik’s users on the platform. While we’d love to continue supporting every user for as long as possible, a decision needed to be made and we felt we couldn’t compromise on the experience we wanted to give the rest of our users.

Haptik v1.5.x will be the last version available to Gingerbread users, who can continue to use the app for at least the foreseeable future. However, there will no longer be any updates in terms of features, but only important bug fixes.

If you’re on one of these devices, we highly recommend you upgrade soon anyway to enjoy the improvements that the Android ecosystem has seen in the past few years. The Android One handsets and Motorola’s Moto G our most highly recommended options.

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