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Going Behind The Wheel

At your Doorstep.
Outside your office.
In the middle of a road.
After a raging night.

Having Driver on Demand means that you can have a driver at your disposal anywhere, anytime – no matter where you’re headed. Having a Driver on Demand means that even if you’re known to plan your days well in advance, you can choose to be impulsive. 🙂

And to make your life a little more hassle-free and convenient, as your Personal Assistant, we bring to you the ‘Driver on Demand’ service. Our Driver on Demand service is not only effortless, but we also ensure that we provide you with background checked, trained drivers offering first class service at reasonable rates.  

All you need to do is Fire Up The Haptik App >> Tap on Home Services Channel >> Tap on Driver on Demand and fill out a simple form with details.

And, that’s all. Your driver will be on his way to you, in no time.


Sure, you love your car and you might even like driving too, but driving your car on a highway is a lot different than struggling through city traffic during peak hours. It can get exhausting, we get it. And that’s exactly when Haptik’s Driver on Demand service will be at your rescue.

Have a comfortable experience, finish up your work, make those phone-calls, listen to your favourite music, while our professional driver takes over the wheel.

Download Haptik for your Android or iOS device and #GetThingsDone for yourself.

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