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Expert 365: My Year at Haptik

This post is written by Yash Bohra.

Back in May last year I was in this “interning” kind of phase to keep myself busy, never really thinking of joining an organisation as a full time employee. It’s then that I came across Haptik through a friend and the opportunity got me fairly excited. At that time, Haptik had completed about one and half months of its operation.

It’s almost humbling to know that I have seen the company literally grow from scratch, evolve and had me evolve alongside. Back then, I was excited because I always wanted to be in an environment where I could experience everything a company has to offer, something you get to see only at a Startup and even today, I am as enthusiastic because we’ve grown so much, yet there is a lot more to see.

Today I complete one full year with Haptik, the first expert to have made it this far. I was one of the first 10 people to join the company, and today we are at 150. And considering all the time spent here all I have to say is, Haptik is the kind of fast-paced amazing workplace that every-one out there should experience. The highs, the lows, the excitement, it’s an exceptional feeling to have made it one year still gearing for more. Also a special mention here to Aakrit, our CEO, we couldn’t have asked for a better one, having been supportive in every situation no matter what.

The Operations Team
Congrats Card
Best Team Ever!

Though it feels like I started my journey just a few months back, I look back and damn it’s been one hell of a year.

And lastly, I’d have to thank the entire Team Haptik for being so inspiring, supportive. This definitely is just the beginning of my journey, and like we all say here – We are just getting started! There is a lot more to be experienced, and right now I am off to Get Sh*t Done! 😉

P.S: If you’d like to be a part of this awesome team, just fill this form out: haptik.co/expert_form/

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Me & The Cake
Me & The Cake

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    1. Hi Ramesh, if you’re interested just write to us at careers@haptik.co or fill the form given in the article. Our team will get in touch with the details :). Thanks!

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