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The One Thing You Need To Stay Motivated – Exercise Reminders!

Every year, 7th April is celebrated across the globe as the World Health Day; a day marking the anniversary of the founding of World Health Organization, and is used as a stage to start a global conversation on often ignored health issues.

At Haptik, we’ve always prioritized well-being over everything else and we’d like to take this opportunity to ensure your good health. As anybody would tell you, the key to good health is an exercise regime, eating healthy, staying hydrated and following a regular routine.

Lakhs of our users frequently use Haptik’s Reminders to ensure they follow a set routine, be it waking up on time, managing their to-do list, drinking water in frequent intervals and more. The hardest of all to make a habit out of is – Exercises!


To make it easier for you to inculcate exercise into your daily life, we have recently introduced the latest feature within Haptik – Exercise Reminders!

With these new set of Exercise reminders, you can –

1.) Save time by selecting from a list of pre-set exercise types such as

    • Walking
    • Jogging
    • Cycling
    • Yoga
    • Weight Lifting

and many more.

2.) Set your reminder time and frequency – Today, Daily, Every weekend etc. with a tap.

3.) Stay motivated with our customized call

4.) Receive daily tips and quotes that will keep you upbeat and on track to meet your goals every day!


Starting this World Health Day, let’s all take the pledge to stay fit and happy by exercising regularly.

While we can’t train you [Yet! 8)], we can certainly help you maintain a routine and stay healthy by keeping you motivated. All you need to do is to send your trusted assistant a message 🙂

Set Exercise Reminders Now

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