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Dry Days in 2015

This post is written by Laksh Fomra, Manager – Marketing & Communications at Haptik.

The last post of our Series rounding up 2015 for you folks is a list of Dry Days in 2015. We previously gave you a list of The Best Sporting Events, The Long Weekend Guide and now it’s time to kiss sobriety good bye.

Aren’t Dry Days the most awful thing to have happened to us? First, the Indian Government give you a much needed holiday “Yaay!” and then they just kill the joy because “Hey, Stay Sober!” We say, to hell with that. Here is a definitive list of Dry Days in the year ahead. Time to stock up in advance, and bring the party home. Because that, is legit my friend.


26th January – Republic Day

30th January – Martyr’s Day

1st May – Labour/May/Maharashtra Day

27th July – Ashadi Ekadashi

15th August – Independence Day

27th September – Anant Chaturdashi

2nd October – Gandhi Jayanti

8th October – End of Prohibition Week

21st November – Kartik Ekadashi

Have a Great 2015, Folks!

Note: The specific State Election Dates are going to be dry days as well. On that day, ditch the liquor & go vote!

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