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Dry Day List for 2016

This post is written by Sheetal A. Palav, Content Manager at Haptik.

Dry day, sigh! It is one the most dreadful days to have happened to mankind. What’s a holiday without having to enjoy it with some booze? And if you think about it, us humans work in funny ways. So when somebody tells you “You Can’t Drink Today” well, that’s the only thing you want to do then. So as very thoughtful assistants we thought, why not collate a list for you, so that you can stock up at home, a lot in advance! There you go:

Republic Day – January 26

Martyr’s Day – January 30

Maharashtra Day – May 1 (Only Maharashtra)

Ashadi Ekadashi – July 15

Independence Day – August 15

Anant Chaturdashi – September 15

Gandhi Jayanti – October 2

End of Prohibition Week – October 8

Diwali – October 30 (Some parts of the country)

Looks like October will be one hell of a difficult month for regular drinkers. 😉 Make sure to party hard and not drive back home drunk.

Also note, that Election Days & some state holidays in the different states could be a Dry Day as well. If you have your doubts on those, just message your assistant on Haptik & we’d be Happy to help 🙂

Cheers to a not so dry year ahead! 😉