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Delicious Eid Food, Home Delivered To You

It’s almost impossible to think of Eid and not have our thoughts drift towards the flavourful biryani, the mouth watering kebabs and the traditional sheer kurma amongst other food delicacies. Eid is synonymous with lavish food and we’d not have this any other way.

While each city has its own mecca for Ramadan food, let’s face it – not always are we up for braving the crowd and the rain to treat our taste buds to these delicacies. More often than not, we end up wishing these places weren’t that far or inaccessible. Been there, done that?

Well, us too.

But, but..
Whatever be the reason, missing out on such appetizing food is not an option. So we thought, how about we deliver the food to your doorstep (FOR FREE) and save you from the over enthusiastic crowd, the long waiting lines and most importantly the need to hurry up and down your food to make way for others.

To join in the Eid celebrations, in collaboration with our delivery partners, we are bringing the best of Eid Food & Sweets to the doorsteps of those living in Mumbai, Hyderabad & Bengaluru on the 5th of July. All you need to do is get on to the Haptik App and ask your Personal Assistant to order food for you.

Mumbaikars! In partnership with Russsh, we are bringing you food from the following restaurants of the world-famous Mohammed Ali Road with absolutely no delivery charge.
Mumbai_restaurants1(While we’re delivering far and wide in Mumbai, do enter your pincode on the App to make sure your area is on our list)

Bangaloreans! For you we have char-grilled kebabs from Rahhams and more! Take your pick.

Bengaluru_restaurants1When you think of Biryani, the Hyderabadis can never be far behind. Pick your favourite restaurant from the list and we’ll have the food delivered to you the same day!

Hyderabad_restaurants1From juicy malai kebabs to malpuas, from biryani to jalebis – your Personal Assistant has you covered. Pick your favourite restaurant and dish and let us take care of the rest.

To ensure that our delivery boys get the food to you on time and do not face any delays (cause you know traffic and such), do place your order before 3PM. We will start delivering food to your doorstep 6 PM onwards 🙂

Aapki Eidi Tayyar Hai!

Eid Mubarak,
Team Haptik

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