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College Admissions Driving You Mad? Presenting MADMISSION, in Association with

Haptik’s goal from the day we started has been to provide “a better way to get help” for products and services. We often internally talk about what this means, and what this can be extended to. There are so many problems in the world which Google does not have straightforward answers to, so much unstructured data where its more convenient to get a human to answer to. As such, we like to think of Haptik’s goal being more broad in helping users with many types of complex issues. And so, every now and then, we will select events or topics that are a pain to get information on, and Haptik experts will provide help with them. We did this during the General Elections where we were able to get you information on poll centers, timings, ID proofs, etc. And now, we are very excited to present MADMISSION: Your chat guide to everything about college admissions.

There are 573 universities in India, consisting of about 33,000 colleges, and each of them having multiple streams and degrees. In most cases, there is no standardized procedure for application and no easy way to check on important dates, cut off marks, etc. So, during this college admission season, given the convenience of the Haptik platform, we felt we should do something about it. And that’s when we found a partner in The company’s goal since it started has been to make students’ lives easier by providing them a convenient platform to find accommodation. They understand students’ pain points better than anyone else, and believe the admission process is one of the biggest ones.

So, the two of us have decided to join hands together and help you navigate this complex path of getting into your favorite college. Just download the Haptik app, and send a message to the “Haptik” handle. Good luck!


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