What Haptik Can do

Check-In on Indigo Airlines, Spicejet Airlines, Jet Airways Flights Using Haptik

Typically, taking a flight involves enduring the pain of check-in queues at the airport. A lot of us these days of course have started using web check-in, as a means of securing the best seats and beating the queues. However, a lot of folks still don’t use this since they are under the impression that they’ll need to carry a print-out (and they don’t have a printer at home) or just don’t even know about this. Even for people who do know about it, it’s a pain to do on the move: opening the website, signing in, etc.


Now with Haptik, you can get the best seats on the plane and avoid the queues, just by chatting with our experts.

  • Open the Haptik app
  • Select the Airline you are traveling with from under the ‘Travel’ category
  • Type out your PNR, Full Name, your origin city and destination city
  • Tell the Haptik expert what sort of seats you like

That’s it! The Haptik expert should be able to give you a confirmed seat number within minutes while you go on with your life.