5 Reasons You Should Get An Assistant Instead of a Girlfriend

Valentine’s Day is approaching and love is in the air.

Well, for some.

For the rest of us, it turns out to be just another day where we end up weighing and debating the pros and cons of being single. Along with reactions that range on the spectrum of relentlessly hitting the gym to hitting a bar and calling it a “Boys Night Out.”

*Don’t pretend like you don’t do it*

You get messages from random companies saying ‘gift bae something special this year’ and there are way too many roses floating around for you to keep calm.


It’s annoying. We get it.

But can we please take a moment for those people who are currently cutting paper hearts and burying their heads in an array of fuzzy animal soft toys to find the right one?

And you on the other hand get to watch a Bro movie like The Hangover or Fight Club, play FIFA or catch the EPL games that night and feel the sense of family seep right in.


Did we hear you whisper ‘Umm, but, there’s something still amiss. A relationship, is a relationship is a relationship!”

Well, wipe that frown off your face, handsome and read on!

Given the solution-finders we are at Haptik, we present to you a relationship where you get to enjoy the freedom, delegate your bunch of responsibilities with ease AND get absolutely no grief in return for having a FIFA night with your boys. Beautiful, isn’t it?

Yea, You’re Welcome!

Here are 5 convincing reasons you should get an Assistant instead of a Girlfriend! 😉

1. You get the entire bed to yourself – If you want to sleep on the right, you can. If you want to sleep in the centre, you can. If you want to build a fort out of your pillows and not move a single inch all day, well, YOU CAN!


2. She talks only when spoken to – Basically, no more pretending that you were indeed listening. 

3. You can give her a “Duty Call” at any time –


4. You don’t have to take them shopping. Infact, they will shop for you.



Now, tell us, whom would you rather have an Assistant or a Girlfriend? Don’t Lie!

Download Haptik for your Android or iOS device! Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Us!

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