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All You Need To Know About the iPhone 7!

You heard that rumour about Apple getting rid of its headphone jack?
We heard too.
And guess what? It’s true!

You heard that rumour about the new iPhone being water-proof?
Yep, we heard that too.
And indeed, that is true too!

Tim Cook took to the stage last night and told us: “We have created the world’s most advanced smartphone – the best iPhone we have ever created. This is iPhone 7.” And with that, he brought to life some new features like a dual-lens camera, a sleek new Touch ID button, a water-resistant shell, and a couple of things, some expected and some not so much .

As your Personal Assistant, we wanted to give you a quick low-down of last night’s Apple event in San Francisco and the major takeaways that will help you decide how soon you want to get the new iPhone (and sell your kidney!)

Goodbye Headphone Jack, Hello AirPods!

It’s gone, it’s really gone and this means it’s time to rethink your headphone choices, fellas! The headphone jack was first invented over 100 years ago said Apple, and it was about time they moved into the wireless world.
The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will ship with a pair of wired headphones that plug into the charging port on the bottom of the device, as well as an adaptor for people who want to hang onto their old headphones. But that’s certainly won’t look all that elegant, we feel.

You may say “tch” and “why remove the headphone jack” now, but a few years from now, this might just be the norm.


As for the AirPods, they will come with their own case, which houses its own battery providing up to 24 hours of playback, as it will charge the buds when they’re sitting in it. These can connect to both the iPhone 7 and Apple Watch 2 with just a tap, according to Apple, and switch “seamlessly” between entertainment and calls. Also a double tap on the AirPod will automatically activate Siri. Though the iPhone 7 doesn’t come with a free pair of AirPods, so you’ll have to buy them separately. (!!!)

In place of the old headphone jack, Apple has added a second speaker, so sound is two times louder than iPhone 6s, and you will be able to listen to your music in stereo with increased dynamic range.

Saturday nights just got better! 😉

Photography/Selfie lovers – this one’s for you
Camera on the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are better than ever before. It has optical image stabilization, a wider f1.8 lens (DSLR lovers, this is HUGE!) that lets in more light and a new 12MP sensor that’s more energy efficient. The flash now has 4 LEDs, blasting out 50% more light. The camera also captures RAW images. iPhone > DSLR?
Not yet?

But listen to this, with automatic exposure setting, noise reduction and tone mapping – even if it isn’t like a DSLR, it’s definitely like a super computer for photos. The FaceTime HD camera too has been upgraded to 7MP to bring even sharper images for your selfies and it packs in a punch of auto stabilization too.


While unveiling the iPhone 7 Plus, Apple Marketing VP Phil Schiller Apple said, “This is the best camera made in any smartphone” Along with 12MP camera sensors that have two lenses, iPhone 7 Plus also has a wide angle lens and a zoomed lens. The new lenses let you optical zoom at 2X. You can also software zoom up to 10x.

In other words, you could soon be filling your Instagram with some serious artsy photos that were once possible to create only with DSLR cameras. And if we had an option, we would just buy this camera minus the phone. It’s touted to be that good! Seriously.

Water Resistant
People with butter fingers, heave a sigh of relief! Apple FINALLY launches a Water Resistant phone. About time we thought!
Now you don’t have to worry about your phone surviving a dip in the sink or down the loo. But, but you probably don’t want to take it swimming just yet.

Apple has improved the water-resistance of its devices in recent years, but this is the first time it has released a waterproof phone.

A new Home Button
Apple has resdesigned the Home Button on the iPhone 7 – and we’re guessing this is in order to make the device waterproof.

The new “solid-state” Home button is designed to be durable and responsive, and work in tandem with Apple’s Taptic Engine to provide “more precise and customisable tactile feedback“. In other words, even though the button doesn’t “click” in the same way as it did on the old handset, it provides feedback when you touch it.

Appearance wise the new handset look very similar to the current iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, but with the antenna bands moved from the back of the device to the edges.
Joining the silver, gold and rose gold will be a matte “black” and a glossy black colour options with the new shiny “jet black” finish will be offered exclusively on the 128GB and 256GB models. Not to forget, Apple has completely gotten rid of its 16GB model (about time!) and all models will now start from 32GB.

With a performance boost, a better battery life, a four-core, 64-bit Apple A10 Fusion chip and a 25% better Retina HD display, ladies & gentlemen, let’s welcome Apple’s newest baby to the world!

Mr. Tim Cook – Shut up and Take my money!

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iPhone 7 price in India starts at Rs. 60,000, with no word yet on India price of other models. Both phones will be available in the country from October 7. 

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  1. Thank you for this very funny and detailed post. Fortunately, I love taking photos on iPhone, not a music lover. So I think this new iPhone is worth checking out. Of course, I’m not going to sell kidneys 😀

  2. Excellent post on the iPhone 7.. Even though this new iPhone does look very much like the 6, I still think it’s worth getting. Reviews like this definitely help. Keep it up!

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