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A Mother’s Day Surprise

For teaching us unconditional love,
For constantly inspiring us with their strength and perseverance
For teaching us to keep our elbows off the table and for reminding us to say ‘please’ & ‘thank you’,
For cheering us when we’re winning,
For cheering us when we’re losing,
For making sure we have good food on our plates day on day and most importantly,
For protecting to us through everything even if that meant sometimes protecting us from own selves,

We have a great deal to be thankful to our Mothers for.

In Spite of knowing her importance in our lives, more often than not, we forget to be grateful and don’t take the effort to say “Thank You, Mummy!”. Or even if we do, it’s probably only on Mother’s Day.

Because, fad.
Because, we’re expected to.

Guilty as charged?

So this time around, let’s take sometime out to apologize to her for all the trouble we have put her through and pamper her with a surprise indulgence. Something she’ll love and something she’ll thank you for.

Exclusively for Mothers, we have put together a little surprise on the App. All you need to do is get on to Haptik and ask your assistant to book a Spa/Salon treatment at home for your mom. At a time convenient to her; so she can sit back, unwind and enjoy the few hours of complete bliss. Incase you’re wondering about spa options, don’t worry, we have you sorted there..

We have a bunch of different packages curated just for your lovely mom, at amazing prices, so without further adieu, message your personal assistant right away.

And from Haptik, a very Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there. You’re beautiful, you’re kind and without you, this world wouldn’t have been the same. We love you a tonne and more!

You can outsource some of your everyday tasks and chores to Haptik, so that you find more time for the finer things in life 🙂 The luxury of having a Personal Assistant by your side at all times, is all yours! Our relentless service is our small ode to you this Mother’s Day.

As for the pesky kids, stop troubling her with your responsibilities & get Haptik. Promise we’ll try to be as selfless as your Mom 🙂

Please Note: Spa/Salon Offer valid only in Mumbai, Delhi (NCR), Bangalore, Hyderabad & Chennai.


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