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A Battery Saga That Left Us Charged!

At Haptik we pride ourselves in delivering the best possible service to our users, now here is a saga of one such request that spans four batteries, two countries & eventually, one happy user – Swapnajit Mishra 🙂


In late 2014, Swapnajit Mishra had contacted us on Haptik/Samsung/Ebay handle – mentioning that the battery of his mobile phone had conked out. We went straight ahead and suggested a replacement for him. A link was sent out, which he immediately acted upon & ordered a battery from Ebay. Case closed, we thought. Easy Peasy.

Though, once the battery reached him, he realised that it wasn’t fitting in his phone. Hence, he reached out to us again. We assured him of all assistance to get the correct battery and thus started a chronicle to find a battery that fit.

He sent us photographs of his phone and the battery he wanted. We then visited the Samsung centre next to our office (Andheri west) – and they suggested a particular model of mobile phone which could be used instead because the model that Swapnajit had purchased was not available in India. Hence the Samsung centre provided the nearest equivalent.

Our then VP of Operations, Maruti met with a friend who is a Samsung mobile distributor and procured the given battery. We sent it to Swapnajit & this time we thought case definitely closed. But, that one did not fit either. All of this happened through November & December.

Next Steps, we asked Swapnajit to send us exact measurements of the battery in question, this was getting tricky. Maruti took those and visited his friend again, sat in his service godown with a ruler measuring the various batteries available. We picked up one which was closest to the measurement sent and dispatched it to Swapnajit, hoping this would do the trick. But, as luck had it, he came back saying this one wouldn’t fit as well.

Three Batteries hunted down: none which were fitting. Even Swapnajit was losing hope now.

But sometime in March we asked him to send us the battery itself and visited quite a few samsung showrooms to check availability. Also got in touch with their Delhi office. We were running out of luck by this point. Because the battery, just wasn’t available.

Then one evening Maruti reached out to his brother-in-law in Taiwan & sent the battery to him. Largely considered the Mecca for electronic goods, this was probably the last card we had. He visited a market there, picked out an exact fit and sent it back to us.

This was delivered to Swapnajit a few weeks back.

And this one fitted… Hallelujah!

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