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5 Things That Happen When You Start Using Haptik

How many times have you outsourced something like booking flight tickets, making a restaurant reservation or ordering food to a friend? Twice? Thrice?

Eitherway, you can count the number of times you asked someone to complete tasks for you. Owing to trust factor or just gut feeling that the other person might get it wrong, asking someone to check boxes on your to-do list is rare.

But a while back, we gave Haptik to the world that helped them outsource their headache of completing daily tasks, so that they could take some time to focus on the bigger things in life.

Here are 5 things that happened to people once they started using Haptik.

For a change, they started appreciating the service industry
From listening to ‘Please hold the line. Our customer service executive will get back to you shortly’ on loop, to simply messaging an assistant to get something done – our users have come a long way! The days of messed up food orders and snail paced customer service are now a thing of the past.

Before Haptik
*placing an order*

Now with your personal assistant, you just need to type your request and before your know 
it, your task is completed!
*much excites*

They are always on the top of their to-do list.
Book flight tickets to Delhi – Check
Set reminders for 5pm meeting – Check
Make phone recharge – Check
Reserve table for 2 at The Bombay Canteen – Check
Buy black blazer – Check

Who knew one tap to download an App could make your life 10 folds simpler.

Wardrobe staple: Pyjamas
Haptik can guarantee that you won’t have to step out of home for most tasks.
PJ’s will be your new best friend and all the money that you do not spend on new clothes and can go to your ‘Travel Fund’ or ‘Feed Me Fund’.
Their most frequently used word – WOAH!
By using Haptik over time you might get used to the App, but not to how simple we make your lives. Imagine having someone who does all the leg work of scouting the Internet for the best deals on hotels, food, clothes and brings to your phone only the sweetest of offers.
We love throwing pleasant surprises your way.

They get used to finding everything you need under ONE ROOF
Gone are the days when one would need to have multiple tabs open for getting different tasks done. Simultaneous conversations, one too many payment gateways are things of the past.

Thanks to Haptik, everything starting from booking movie tickets to flight tickets, from making recharges to making table reservations, from setting reminders to finding the nearest ATM’s bank, hospitals, gyms are on all on ONE APP!

All you need to do to is to fire up Haptik and message the assistant about your request.


Don’t believe us?

Download Haptik for your Android or iOS device and see for yourself.

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