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5 Simple Hacks To Recycle and Reduce Waste

Earth Day may come only once a year, but you can live like every day is Earth Day by maximizing your recycling efforts, reducing what you buy and reusing what you can.

When you begin recycling, it might seem like a herculean task. You will mostly feel overwhelmed and not know where to actually start, so to give you quick thought-starters, we compiled a list of 5 small changes that can make a huge impact.

Switch to reusable bags

This one is easy.
Not only do reusable cloth bags help the environment by cutting down on the usage of single use plastic bags that usually just float around and end up clogging drains and polluting the ocean, they are also very strong and a lot more aesthetically appealing than plastic bags. One of the many nice things about reusable bags is that they are manufactured responsibly without using environmentally harmful materials and each reusable bag has the capability to eliminate hundreds and thousands of plastic bags.

Incredible, isn’t it?


We suggest you go to your local store or look online for cute cloth bags and make them a part of your lifestyle. You could also get suggestions from your Personal Assistant, here.


Didn’t get it?
Let us explain.

Are you a coffee-drinker? Do you find yourself walking in and out of a Starbucks every morning before work for a quick take-out? And let us guess, your drinks are served to you in a to-go cup?



These cups after you use them, of course, end up in a landfill. But, don’t feel guilty yet. We have a simple solution to this. Bring your own reusable cup or mason jar to the coffee shop. Not only will you inspire others around you to do the same, but most likely your server will give you a discount on account of you bringing your own container.
That explains BYOC.



This is much like the point above.

To actually understand how many plastic bottles we consume in a year, we do not need to know the actual figure. We know it’s huge and it’s saddening and guess what, it does not decompose.

So by doing something as little as keeping a water filter at your desk where you can keep filling your glass to carrying a stainless steel water bottle with you, know that you are doing good and are preventing a lot of trash.

Use recycled content

With the growing awareness about recycling, a lot of companies have started producing recycled content. So as much as you can, buy items made of recycled content, and use and reuse them as much as you can.

Or if you do not want to spend money in buying more stuff, you can do your bit to use both sides of every page of a notebook before moving on to the next clean notebook. You can also use unneeded, printed on printer paper for a scratch pad. These might seem like little things and indeed they are, but they go a long way.

Make Magic Happen

If you are the crafty kind who loves experimenting and trying new DIY’s, you are going to love this one.

You might think a lot of items around you are ready to hit the trash, but you might want to go through this list here and see if you can upcycle any of those items and reuse them. You’re going to have Planet Earth smiling wide if you attempt and are successful at creating any of these.

Earth Day is a good time to remind ourselves that we are producing way too much trash unnecessarily and that it is completely in our capacity to cut down on it. These changes are small, but in retrospect it might create a huge impact and help our next generation to live a relatively peaceful and healthy life. By reducing what you purchase, reusing what you can and recycling the rest, you can help protect the environment in more way than one. And not to forget that, Earth Day might come only once a year but there are a hundred ways to use the Earth Day philosophy every single day.

So, here is to making a positive change! 🙂

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