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At Your Service, Whenever, Wherever!

This post is written by Ashim Jolly, Chief Operations Officer at Haptik.

Imagine this: Your girlfriend decided to surprise you as you got back home from work, thinking she’d spend the night watching a movie over food and more.. You walk up to your fridge to see if there were any leftovers and realized it’s empty. It’s almost 11:30 pm and you are trying to figure out from where to order her favorite Pizza? Some wine might add to the evening, along with the usual popcorn for the film and yet, where do you order these things at 11:30? You are probably not even sure if the restaurant/store down the street is open to take orders? Don’t you wish there was someone at your rescue, as the clock strikes midnight?

Well… We heard you! We’ve always wanted to give you what you’ve deserved, what you’ve wanted and what you couldn’t get elsewhere… Your personal assistant at your fingertips, at any hour of the day. A superhero fights a lot of his battles in the middle of the night, and his assistant is always around. How could we leave you alone in this battle?

We are very excited to announce our next big move, now presenting Haptik which is at your service 24×7. We have assistants dedicated to address all your needs, all the time, every time!


Here’s why we finally made the move!

Not only was there a huge demand from our loyal users requesting us to go overnight for the emergencies strike at odd hours, but quite interestingly some of our own assistants who had been working with us all this while wanted something more to keep them busy beyond midnight. The night-owls, looking for their midnight fix always wondered when Haptik would become a service, online, around the clock. Thus, starting the 1st of October, we decided to bring the flexibility of working overnight for our top assistants and here we are today, with a team of 200+ assistants serving you throughout the day (and night)!

We did take some time to join the all night party, but, like always it was just to ensure that at any time of the day we give you nothing but the best experience.

Now for that hunger strike in the middle of the night to making your last minute travel bookings, from recharging your phone as you run out of balance to checking you in for early morning flights, from setting up appointments to finding the best deal online, you can have it all round the clock.

If our users are anything like us, we understand how restless you can get at night. And every important realisation strikes only when darkness takes over. So don’t forget you can also set reminders, plan your coming day in the middle of the night 😉

We look forward to your feedback on how we can continue to improve our services and add to our current suite of services 🙂 Feel free to write to us at

P.S: Want to join our night owls – apply to become an assistant now, click here.

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