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1 Year Young

Today marks exactly 1 year since Haptik went live on the iOS & Android stores in India. Yes, its Haptik’s first birthday!

The thing that immediately comes to mind is “how did we get here?” How have we managed to stay on this express roller coaster for 365 days and not fall off? And the simple answer is we have no bloody idea. We have survived, and along the way managed to solve hundreds of thousands of queries processing millions of messages.

We have been fortunate to be blessed with a great team who are as crazy as us (shameless plug: apply here to join), a 100 person strong tireless expert work force that is the engine of the company, advisers who form our support system, and investors who bring much more to the table than just their dollar.


To family and friends, thank you for being patient and supporting us unconditionally. It will all be worth it one day, but until then don’t expect things to change much! 🙂

Most importantly, today we’d like to thank each and every user of Haptik. We have learnt so much in the last year solving queries that have ranged from

basic: help me locate the nearest ATM 


complicated: my PC shuts down automatically when I play a game or browse


well, interesting: I asked a girl out, she replied no and said I’m her brother, what should I do?

In all seriousness, they have all helped us understand what you want, and get better over time. We know we are still not quite there yet, but the effort has never been more than what it is today.

When we started the company, we always had the belief that we were on to something. But this past year has made that belief exponentially stronger. The opportunity has never been bigger, and being one of the first movers is both extremely exciting and overwhelming.

We have just begun to crawl, and there is still a long long way to go. We look forward to having your continued support, and here’s to many more Haptik birthdays!

– Aakrit, Swapan and Team Haptik

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