Future of mobile advertising


The future of mobile advertising is here. Engage a high quality premium user base through native contextual chatbot integrations.


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The advent of smartphones changed everything except digital advertising. Desktop banners and interstitials have been imported to the small screen and they don’t work: 60% of clicks on mobile banner ads are unintentional. The Haptik publisher network provides a unique opportunity to marketers: conversational advertising. Leverage the power of chatbots to create engaging content and acquire audiences across India. No banners, no impressions, only conversations.

Custom integrations across BFSI, FMCG, and more

90% of audience in metro cities, age 25+

10x better lead generation than any other ad format

2x better CTR for chat based push notifications


Coca Cola India, one of the leading beverage companies in the country, launched an active hydration drink in early 2017 called Aquarius. Taking a step towards healthier living for new age India, the brand required an initial impetus to drive engagement and educate potential customers of the health benefits. See how Haptik created a chatbot integrated with its Reminders service to drive awareness about Aquarius.


Chatbot powered tech has become a digital marketer’s favourite for many reasons. It reaches out to the masses, is in sync with the current digital campaigns, is mobile-optimised and guarantees customer satisfaction. The Aquarius brand fits very well with this premise, and we were happy with the results the campaign delivered. - Asha Sekhar, Head of Media,
Coca Cola India