We Are Haptik

Haptik was born out of a personal need when we realized we were using text communication more than any other application on our phones, what search was to the internet, is what chat is to mobile; and our bet is that the world will move to a more integrated way of getting things done instead of using multiple apps/platforms for every micro task. We asked a few friends and advisers, and they agreed. We asked some more, and they agreed too. Enter Haptik.


Aakrit Vaish

Co-Founder & CEO

Pioneered the concept of chat bots in 2013, and responsible for overall business operations, product & growth. Ex-Director Flurry India, Co-Founder Flatchat. Manchester United fan. B.S. Industrial Engineering, UIUC.


Swapan Rajdev

Co-Founder & CTO

Everything tech at Haptik. Been building mobile app and big data companies since 2009. Ex Radius, Accenture. Wannabe guitar player. B.S. Computer Engineering, UIUC.

Prof. Dan Roth


Dan Roth is a Founder Professor of Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He is a professor in the Department of Computer Science and the Beckman Institute in the University. His work centers around the study of machine learning and inference methods to facilitate natural language understanding.


We are a Times Internet company, part of India’s largest media conglomerate Bennett Coleman & Co, Ltd. Times Internet owns, operates and invests in digital consumer first businesses. Some of their more notable products include Gaana, Magicbricks, Cricbuzz, Times Jobs, CouponDunia, among others.