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Reports & Research

Based on extensive research, we present a set of reports and research papers that highlight how chatbots benefit businesses across industries, along with the current and future state of the chatbot space. Download, read and share the knowledge!
Chatbots: A Conversation between Tech and Story

A report on the state of chat bots today and what the future holds for this space.

Conversational AI in Indian Enterprises

A report that details how Indian enterprises have been using Haptik's chatbots and what it has done for their business.

Production Ready Chatbots: Generate if not Retrieve

A research paper on a how a hybrid model of machine learning techniques assists users in scheduling reminders through a chat conversation.

Importance of context and embeddings for NER in task-oriented dialogue systems

In this paper, we evaluate a modified version of the recent state of the art neural architecture in a conversational setting where messages are often short and noisy.

Virtual Assistant Personality Preference Among Urban English Speakers

This research paper examines the role that bot personality plays in influencing user experience with AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants in an enterprise context.

The True Cost of Building an Intelligent Virtual Assistant

This white paper explores the costs and complexities involved in building an Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) solution that comprehensively solves business problems.

Chatbots to Intelligent Virtual Assistants: The Evolution of Conversational AI

This white paper is a comprehensive guide to Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVAs) - explaining what they are, how they differ from chatbots, and the advanced capabilities that make them valuable to brands

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