How Haptik Augmented Mondelez India’s Seasonal Marketing Strategy

The Problem

Mondelez India wanted a new platform to create engagement for the Valentine’s Day seasonal sale campaign, without solely relying on a standard digital video marketing ploy.

Seasonal marketing is extremely vital to drive product sales and e-commerce is essential to bring in young, millennial spenders. Banner ads and simply being available on online retailers wasn’t enough and Mondelez India wished to create a conversation around the product with a short-term but high-return marketing campaign.


Confectionery and Beverages


Haptik App – Android and iOS


February 2018

Our Solution

To create a buzz around the campaign, a dedicated channel “Valentine’s Special Store” was created on the Haptik platform with the Valentine’s Day branding.

Once a user entered the channel, they were taken to the customised Valentine’s Store chat flow which was designed to fit with the romantic theme. Mondelez India’s chatbot helped the consumers navigate through the store.

The chatbot generated interest in the products and even gave non-purchasing users a takeaway with cute Valentine’s Day tips and suggestions to impress loved ones that amplified the brand’s Presence.

This staggered method of presenting the product created a conversation about the brand and resonated well with the highly-coveted millennial audience in the 25-40-year-old age Group. The campaign overachieved its target by 56% within 10 days of being live and saw a conversion rate of 12.9%.



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Audience Engaged


The Grofers sale was live for 10 days. During that time, the bot was able to handle 75% of customer queries on its own, without the need for human intervention. For the remaining instances, where the bot was unable to respond to the customer query, one of the 6 human agents available resolved the query using the live agent-chat interface.



Cumulative Brand Reach



Unique Users who Initiated Chat



Engaged Users Who Inquired About Products



Interested Users Who Placed Orders



Above Expected Target



Average Engagement Time Per User

We partnered with Haptik for Valentine’s Day & this was our first foray into using AI/Chatbots to drive engagement & sales. Haptik gave us the perfect platform to connect with millennials who look for gifting solutions around occasions like Valentine’s Day. The overall results have been extremely encouraging seeing that we have exceeded all our benchmarks with respect to revenue & media deliveries.

– Abhishek Ahluwalia, Business Head – eCommerce, Mondelez India

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